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Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Top Ten Things That Every Teacher Should Know About Technology - Revisited

My “Top Ten Things Teachers Should Know About Technology” list did not change from the beginning of the course.  However this course did let me have a better understanding of technology’s uses in the classroom to enhance learning.  After taking this course, I feel that there is nothing more important that jumping into technology with both feet.  The amount of time I spent practicing, navigating, and exploring technology was invaluable.  The bold and italicized print was what I added to my list from the beginning of the course.

1.      Don’t get stuck in a learning rut!  Make an effort to try something new each year.

2.      Take time to familiarize yourself with the technology and sites you are going to use with the students.  A little practice at home saves teachers a lot of time at school so they can focus on the technology.

3.      Always have a back-up plan in mind.  Computers can go down, laptops may not have been
      returned by another class, or a site may be experiencing difficulty.  

4.      Don’t give up.  If your little foray into something new doesn’t go as planned, learn from your mistakes for the next class.

5.      Make your presentation/lesson as interactive as possible for the students.  Making the students invested in the lesson will increase their interest and attention.

6.      Leave plenty of time for student questions.  If you don’t have all of the answers it’s ok to get back to the students at the next class with the answers they were looking for.

7.      Allow time for students to experiment with the technology first hand.  Learning through hands on experience is great for visual and tactile learners and just plain old fun.

8.      Technology isn’t going to compliment every lesson.  If technology won’t enrich the lesson, then don’t use it.  Never underestimate the power of a good book.

9.      Take advantage of learning sources at your school.  Observe other teachers using technology in their classes, take professional development classes, and work with the IT department.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

10.  Always know your end goal.  Be aware upfront of the purpose of your lesson and how technology can further the learning.

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